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homor's News

Posted by homor - April 24th, 2008

yeah, thats about it.

UPDATE: 8-16-08

finally finished it.

Posted by homor - April 21st, 2008

i know what you're probably thinking, "heavy metal? what the fuck is that?" well, ethier that or "i wonder how big tom's dick is." ...but i really don't know why you would be thinking that...

anyway, heavy metal is a science-fiction/fantasy movie about a green orb known as "the loc-nar" and its effect across the entire universe.

the movie is made up of several stories, all of them strung together by the loc-nar.

the stories in the movie are:

Soft Landing
(the frame story)
Harry Canyon
Captain Sternn
So Beautiful, So Dangerous

i'm going to review each one of the stories and then give my verdict on this movie.

Soft Landing-
this isn't really so much a story as it is the intro.

it starts off with a giant space ship flying above earth, or what looks like it.

then it opens up a trap door, and a rocket car drops out with an astronaut driving it, he flys down to the earth and lands on a path infront of a cornfield that leads to a mansion, this leads to the frame story.

since this is the intro, i can't really rate it.


this story is the frame story , it takes place directly after the intro.

the astronaut walks inside his mansion and his daughter greets him, by "greets him" i mean she asks what he brought her.

the astronaut walks into the dinning room wih his child following him, he shows the girl what he brought for her: a green orb.

the green orb floats up in the air and melts the astronaut, the girl watching in horror.

the green orb reveals itself as the loc-nar, the sum of all evil, it pins the girl to the wall and tells her to gaze into him as he tells storys of the chaos and mayham he has caused across the universe.

this is the frame story, so again i can't rate it anything.


Harry Canyon-
this is the first story the Loc-Nar tells, and the first real storie of the movie,it has a very noir-ish crime drama style, while still being set in the future, so its a future crime drama.

the story starts off with a a bunch of rat like men strip mining with a professor nearby, one of them uncovers the loc-nar, and it melts them, the professor watching in horror.

after that, the story focuses on harry canyon, a taxi-driver in future new-york, he picks up a thug looking guy, the thug asks him to go to the UN building (of course, in this future aliens have opened up relations with earth, and the entire planet is probebly under a single goverment by now, so a UN is worthless, ethier way in the movie it becomes low-rent housing.)

the thug holds a gun to harry's head, but harry seems unphased, this is the part of the movie the secert button on the floor of harry's cab is used, its a death ray, harry steps on it and veperises the thug.

he ends up picking up a girl some thugs are shooting at, and thats where the story really begins.

she reveals that shes the professor's daughter and that the thugs are a mafia after the loc-nar.

harry lets her stay at his place for the night.

the next morning he wakes up alone, two cops show up looking for the girl, he denies ever knowing her.

anyway after some threats from the mafia, the police, a message from a robot and an awesome chase scene he meets up with the girl at the statue of liberity, the girl shows harry the loc-nar, and says she just wants it gone.

she says she made a deal with the mob, they give her 30,000 space dollars and she gives them the loc-nar, but she dosen't trust them, so she asks harry to escort her.

the deal goes down perfectly, harry doesn't have to fire a single shot, harry and the girl drive away, the mafia guy tries to grab the Loc-nar, but it melts him.

while harry and the girl are driving away, the girl reveals she wants all the money, she holds a gun to his head and asks him to pull over.

harry pulls over and asks the girl "is this really what you want?" and the girl replies "positive."

then harry steps on the laser button and kills her, taking all the money for himself.

this story mixes science fiction with crime drama in a very nice way, it also makes good use of retroscoping, like the entire movie.

4/5 could have afew more fight scenes, but its one of the best stories in the movie.

----oh fuck it------


a great animated film, you xshould check it out.

buy the dvd online, becuase it rocks.

great animation, great soundtrack, great everything.

Posted by homor - April 21st, 2008

Close the city and
tell the people that
something's coming to call
Death and darkness are
rushing forward to
take a bite from the wall, oh

You've nothing to say
They're breaking away
If you listen to fools...
The Mob Rules
The Mob Rules

Kill the spirit and
you'll be blinded, the end is always the same
Play with fire, you burn your fingers and
lose your hold of the flame, oh

It's over, it's done
the end is begun
If you listen to fools...
The Mob Rules

You've nothing to say
Oh, They're breaking away
If you listen to fools...

Break the circle and
stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
Just remember it
might start rolling and
take you right back around

You're all fools!

The Mob Rules!

/* */

Posted by homor - April 19th, 2008

No one's going to give it away.
They make it hard for the people today.
To get what you want, you've got to do it yourself.
Don't be afraid to drive the nail in the wood.
Or drink the bottle if it tastes so good.
You'll go the distance. You never thought that you could.

Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it. Oh, yeah!

Cough up the cash when you go over and over.
Before the old one's gone, you've got a new owner.
You need assistance when your head's in the clouds.
You could live easy if life stood still.
You could be faking and breaking and taking it all.
But then you know you're gonna fall.

Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it.

Don't have to make it so hard.
Don't have to make it so, so hard.
Don't have to make it so hard.
Don't have to make it so HARD!

( solos )

Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it.
Reach out and ta-ta-ta take it.
Reach out and take it.

*Reach out. Reach out.
Take what you want.
Reach out. Reach out.
Take what you want.

(* repeat until fade out )

/* */

Posted by homor - April 19th, 2008

i'd make a longer more in-depth blog post about what the meth minute is, but thats a blog post for later, when im in a better mood.

/* */

Posted by homor - April 17th, 2008


/* */

Posted by homor - April 17th, 2008

or atleast some kind of deity.

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

Posted by homor - April 17th, 2008

/* */
one of the best movies ever.

Posted by homor - April 10th, 2008


"every night" says an unknown voice "the same dream.."

there is a giant room that appears to have no walls or a roof, it is large and all that is seen blackness.

there is a gnome sized boy, with elf ears and brown hair down almost down to his shoulders lying down on the ground, he is wearing a green cloak, brown pants, and a white shirt, with no shoes.

he opens his eyes slowly, he pushes himself up slowly, his arms shaking, until he is sitting up.

he moves his left, and then right, he sees nothing but darkness from all corners.

he plants both of his hands on the ground, and slowly lifts himself up.

he is able to lift himself up all the way, his hands lifting up from the ground with the rest of himself.

his entire body is shaking, as if he bearly has the energy to stand, he struggles to keep himself standing.

he looks the left of himself, then the right, and still, there is nothing but blackness.

he lifts his head up and sees the ceiling, it is also black.

he bows his head down, and looks at the ground to see what he is standing on.

a white circle on the ground appears to be the only thing keeping him from falling into oblinion.

the faint sound of footsteps is heard, echoing.

"whos there?" shouts the boy as he lifts his head up and looks around, his voice sounds like the voice from eariler.

he turns around and looks to the left of him, and then the right, there is nothng there.

he slowly turns around and pulls out a knife.

a black figure, muscular looking, is slowly walking towards him, it is only slightly taller then him.

"what in the name of od-" says the boy.

before the boy could finish the sentence the black figure runs towards him, it is too fast to dodge or avoid.

he is gripped by the thorat by the shadow and slammedagainst the wall.

"what the?" said the boy as he looked back the pure black wall. "how can that be a wall?" the boy turned his head back toward the figure.

the shadow cleas from the figure, he is revealed to the boy.

he is a dwarf with gray skin, black armor, shoulder pads in the shape of dragons opening their mouths, long dark gray hair a dark gray beard, and a scarred eye.

the boy didn't know who this dwarf was, but if any of the elders were there, if there was a memeber of the dwarven gurad, or even a dwarf much older then him, they would clearly see that the dwarf holding the boy to a wall by the neck, was highlord blackscale, the tratior.

blackscale tightened his grip on the boys neck, he slowly cracked a large, full toothed smile.

the pupil of blackscale's only open eye became beady and began to glow full red.

he started to cackle madly as he griped the boys thorat tighter.

the boy noticed something strage in the coner of his eye, he bowed his head down to view blackscale's torso, something was a miss.

there appeared to be handle on the left side of blackscales chest, but, why? why would there ever be a handle on someones armor?

as the boy looked at the handle, blackscale took his right hand and griped on to the handle as hard as he could.

he began to pull on the handle slowly, the boy heard a creeking sound coming from blackscales chest, as if a door was creeking open.

a white light was appeared to be coming out of blackscales chest, as if there was some kind of light inside whatever the handle opened to.

"OH TO HELL WITH IT." shouted blackscale between his mad cackling.

he opened his chest compartment completly, a blinding white light shined into the boys eyes.

the boy used what little stregth he had to cover his eyes.

blackscales luaghing became louder and faster.

"I AM NOT A MORTAL!" he shouted at the top of his lungs as continued luaghing.

blackscale suddenly stopped luaghing and losened his grip on the boys thorat.

blackscale just stood there griping onto the boys throat, with his chest compartment open, white light still shining from it.


"what?" said the boy.

the boy closed his eyes his eyes, the grip on his throat dissappeared, it didn't feel as though blackscale let go, it felt as though his hand dissappeared completly.

the boy slowly opened his eyes, he saw the blue ceiling of his room.

he sat up and looked around, the phone still ringing while he was doing so.

he looked to his left, and to his right.

he was in his room, lying in his bed.

his rooms walls were blue, with the celling, there was a desk and the opisite side of the bed, a dresser with its back agianst the wall next to his bed, the floor had a white shag carpet and on the desk was a computer.

"just a dream" said the boy. "who the hell is that guy?"

the boy grabbed the cell phone on the dresser next to his bed.

"hello?" asked the boy.

"is this harald?" asked what sounded like a female gnome.

"oh, hi becky." said harald.

"harald what are you doing? asked becky "its two in the afternoon on a saturday."

"well," said harald, rubbing the back of his head "i'd thought i'd sleep in today, gor'thok's training has been getting the best of me and..."

"training?" said becky "are you going into the dwarven gurad or something?"

"no," said harald "its just that i'm almost 18 and all."

"so what does that have to do with anything?" asked becky.

"well" said harald "in orcish culture 18 is considered old enough to go to battle, and its also old enough to join the dwarven gurad."

"so wait" said becky "he wants you to join the dwarven gurad?"

"no" said harald "its more of a tradition thing"

"oh." said becky "well, hows it been going so far?"

"well, yesterday i choped a huge hole in gor'thok's arm by accident" said harald.

"oh my god," said becky "is he okay?"

"yeah..." said harald "he seemed oddly happy for someone with a large gap cut into their arm, like he was...proud or something."

"wow," said becky "well, i guess thats orcs for you."

"oh, by the way" said becky "mayor twiggleforth called a manatory all citizens meeting in the twon hall today, so i guess you really can't sleep in."

"what?" said harald "why didn't you say something about this earlier?"

"well" said becky "it didn't really come up."

"where are you now?" asked harald

"outside your house." said becky.

the boy got out of his bed, still holding the phone to his ear, and looked out his window.

outside he house stood a female gnome, with pink hair, pig tails, a blue sweat shirt, brown sweat pants, and black shoes, holding a phone to her ear, she looked over at harald and waved.

"becky," said harald "why didn't you just come in and talked to me face to face?"

"well," said becky "i was gonna, but then i got lazy and just decieded to call."

harald let out a sigh.

"stay out there" said harald "i'm coming down."

harald pressed the "off" button on his phone and and floded it back up, he then set it back on the dresser.

harald slowly got out of bed on the left side, he walked around the bed to the dresser on the right.

above the dresser was a calander, on the dresser was a red pen, and harald's phone.

harald took the red pen, the calander had red x's on all the dates up to the 15th, the mounth was october.

the boy crossed out the 16th on his calander.

"two weeks" said the boy as he cracked a smile.

harald walked towards the door of his room, opened it and walked into the hallway.

the walls and were dark gray and the doors and carpet were light gray.

there were four doors, one that lead to haralds room, one next to haralds room that lead to a room with large two person bed, with red walls and a red carpet, this would have been harald's mother and father's room.

across from what would have been athlas and eliza's room is the bath room.

across from harald's room is an unused empty room with nothing in it but a window.

the stairs were in between parent's old room and the bath room, the stairs appeeared to have a landing and a window at the bottom, but it takes a turn right from there and leads down into the living room.

harald walked down the stairs into the living room, gor'thok was lying down on a couch on the far left end of the room, the door across and slightly to the right of him, on the other side of the room was a tv on a mantle, the walls and the ceiling were both white, while the carpet was brown.

the slowly walked down the stairs, quietly got off the landing, and attempted to sneak past gor'thok, as to not wake him.

harald was slowly tip toeing past the couch gor'thok was lieing on.

harald looked over at gor'thok halfway past the couch, he was using his right arm as a pillow, his legs lying on top of each other, his eyes were closed, he was breathing out of his nose.

harald was convinced gor'thok sleeping.

harald quietly walked up to door and put his hand on the knob.

"home-free!" the boy thougt to himself.

harald had made it, harald finally made it out, and he didn't wake up gor'thok, everything seemed perfect.

"where are you going?" asked gor'thok, in a slightly annoyed tone.

harald turned his head towards gor'thok, whos eyes were still closed.

"damn" thought harald.

"did i wake you?" asked harald.

"no." said gor'thok. "i wasn't sleeping."

"then what were you doing?" asked harald.

"i was waiting" said gor'thok.

harald stood there, still holding the knob, looking at gor'thok.

"hmm" said harald "thats...something."

"anyway" said harald "i'm off to meet becky."

"you mean your girlfreind?" asked gor'thok.

harald gazed angrly at gor'thok.

"phhf" said harald as he rolled his eyes. "i-i'm not even going to dignifi that ridiculous statment with a response."

harald turned his head back to the door and slowly began to turn the knob, his face losing the angry look.

"okay" said gor'thok. "but you know shes totally into you."

harald once again had angry look on his face.

but before he could say something, he remembered something, the angry look dissapearing from him.

he turned his head back to gor'thok.

"hey, you know theres a mandatory meeting in the town hall today" said harald.

"yeah" said gor'thok "i'm not going."

"why not?" asked harald.

"its the perfect area for an ambush" said gor'thok, as his eyes opened "it is poorly gurad, many high valued targets are attending, and a massive amount of people are showing up."

"poorly guraded?" asked harald.

"there are only two gurads, gurading both sides of the front door." said gor'thok. "its not enough to protect from anything."

"i don't care what the dwarven gurad says" said gor'thok "i'm staying away from that meeting."

"okay..." said harald "well i'm going out.

"here" said gor'thok as he used his free hands to pick a pair of black shoes by the laces. "put these on, you're not the hobbit so don't act like him."

harald took the shoes and put them on, and then walked out the door.

harald walked out to his front door, the cold wind blowing on his left side, his green cloak blowing with the wind.

becky was sitting on a log outside the house, looking bored, harald walked up to her.

"hey becky" said harald

"oh hey harald" said becky. "bout' tme you got out here."

"so" said becky as she stood up from the log "Are we going to the meeting or what?"

"can't" said harald "gor'thok says i'm not allowed."

"what?" asked becky "why not?"

"gor'thok says its a perfect setup for an ambush" said harald "there are only two gurads and a bunch of people."

"well who would attack us?" asked becky, sounding even more confused.

"the goblins, the trolls, maybe the ogres" said harald. "they all might have some kind of vendette against us."

becky didn't want to mention the orcs, since his parents have been away for ten years to keep an eye on them, they would send letters from time to time, avreage once a year, but recenetly the letters weren't sent in as much.

becky just shuged it off and proceded to stop asking questions.

"so, what else do you wanna do?" asked becky.

"well.." said harald, with his hand stroking his chin.

before harald could finish, a gurad stummbled upon them.

"HEY!" shouted te gurad as he walked up to the two "theres a mandatory meeting you two, why aren't you heading to it?"

"umm..." said harald as he moved his hand off his chin.

the gurad grabbed harld and becky's arms.

"come on you two." said the gurad "were going, thats final."

the gurad pulled becky and harald by the arms and walked them uphill to the town hall.

up a path of stone was the town hall, a chruch looking area with a bell tower, this bell was used to alert the citizens of attack.

the dwarven gurad stoped at the large door of the town hall and let go of the two's arms.

"this is as far as i go" said the gurad "i have to gurad the door."

"are you sure too gurads are enough?" asked harlad.

"its fine, like i told the others before you, you're perfectly safe." said the gurad "not get the hell in."

the two gurads pushed on the large doors, opening them.

becky and harald walked inside the town hall, the gurads closed the doors behind them.

"so" said the the gurad on the left side, the one who was originaly at the door "is there really enough gurads here?"

"hell no" said the other gurad "if theres an ambush we're fucked."

inside the town hall, becky and harald took their seats in the back row.

the town hall looked like a chruch, from the echo heard thruout, to the stage like area with a pedestal in the front, the seats even looked like chruch beanchs.

behind the pedestal are several metal fold up chairs, several dwarfs and gnomes could be seen sitting on them.

a gnome, surrounded by dwarven gurads, walks in.

he has a white beard, a white robe, and a brown staff.

when he gets to the stage, the dwarven gurads sit in the remaining metal chairs, and he takes the pedestal.

"hello" said the gnome. "this is mayor whitebeard here."

"i am here to disscuss a very serious issue with you all" said whitebeard. "recently the elders have been worried about recent threats from the goblin empire near our village."

"they have threatened our village that if it does not move futher away from it they would luanch an invasion," said whitebeard "this threats are now hightening into action, recenntly a goblin snapper somehow made his way past the wall around our village and bombed a fruit stand."

many in the crowd gasped, many began to whisper to each other.

"but there is no need to worry," said whitebeard "the dwarven king assures me that the gurads are doing everything they can at the momment, until then i suggest we-"

the sound of something breaking thru glass was heard, several people in the crowd looked back at the windows.

there, lying on the ground, it appeared to be a pile of red sticks lying on the ground.

a dwarf in the middle row saw the red sticks tide together, he instantly knew what it was .

"BOOOOOMMMMBBBBB!" he shouted as he pointed at the dynamite.

the crowd in the seats began to shout and panic, people were standing up trying to run out of their seats, people were pushing and fighting, several citizens were beating on the large dorrs, trying to get out.

harald and becky's way out of their seats was blocked by two dwarves fighting, harald attempted to push against them, but it was futile, the dwarves were too strong to be moved, one of them knocked harald down, becky quickly grabed on to his underarms and helped him up.

"stop it you idiots!" shouted harald.

the dwarves stopped fighting and looked over at harald.

"can't you see were all in grave dan-


the bomb exploded, knocking a thick cloud of dust into the air, nothing could be seen thru it, everyone in the building is thought to be dead.

but harald, harald was alive.

he was lying in between two of the benches, they were broken and in piaces.

harald had dust and brusies all over him, he tryed to move himself up, but the pain was too great, he couldn't even so much as move.

the clouds of dust were too thick to see thru, haralds eyes were closed however.

the benches of the room were wroken, piaces of wood were thrown everywhere, dead bodies and limbs were all over the building.

harald felt something grab on to his arms and shake him.

"harald!?" said the voice of a femle gnome "harlad!? harald are you okay? please get up!"

harald slowly started to open his eyes, the smoke cleared, he saw becky's face over him, looking concerned, she was kneeling over harald, griping both his arms in her hands.

"b-becky?" said harald, faintly.

becky helped harald up, harald was unsteady and his eyeswere red and puffy from the dust knocked into them.

"becky..." said harald, this time with a little more strength in his voice.

becky let go of harald's arms and wraped her arms around him.

"oh harald" said becky, holding harald "thank frey'ja you're okay."

"frey'ja?" said harald "the goddess of love? how did that come up?"

becky quickly let go of harald, her face was completley red, she was rubbing the back of her head trying to avoid eye contact with harald.

"umm, i..umm" said becky, sounding nervious.

before she could finish, the door was heard opening.

a dwarf, clad in sliver armor, walked in, he was general mort, behind him was fellow general ronald, they came in with several gurads following them.

"alright everyone!" shouted mort "everyone evactuate the area immediatly, this is a high tense situation, were under assualt."

harald looked behind himself, on the ground, the dwarves that were fightig were lying on top of each other, ones face was burned horribly, the one on top was lying face down.

"sir?" said harald, looking down at the face down body that looked alive "sir, we have to go."

harald turned the dwarf on top over, a large bloody piace of wood was impaled thru the dwarf's forehead.

"oh hell" said harald.

harald lifted his head back up, him and becky walked up to the gurads.

"you kids have to get out of here, now." said mort.

as harald, becky, and the gurads walked out, harald looked over at the area where the gurad who forced him and becky to come to the meeting, in it, lied the gurads dead body, 3 arrows were in his chect, and one was thru his mouth.

the other gurads were seen escorting dwarven and gnomish citzens outt of the broken and burning town hall.

harald looked down the hill, at the row of dwarven houses, large stone squares with doors and windows, at the end of the row of houses he saw the wall, behind it he saw some small shadowy figures messing around behind it.

"general mort?" said harald, looking over to mort.

"yes?" said mort

"can i take a look at the wall? i think somethings going on with it." said harald.

"fine, just don't stray too far off." said mort.

the boy walked down the hill, towards the wall.

when harald finally came offf of the hill, he heard a ticking noise.

for a momment, harald thought it may be a clock, but then he remmbered the sound of the bomb in the town hall.

"oh shit" thought hasrald.

harald quickly knew what would came next.

harald ran towards one of the houses and hid himself on the side facing away from the wall.


a loud bomb was heard coming from the opisite side of the wall, and towards the town hall.


harald poked his head out from the side of the house and looked at the wall, a large hole was made in it, what was in the whole could not be seen, as dust was knocked out from it.

"ATTACK!" shouted a wisely sounding voice.

arrows began to fly from the clouds of dust, harald quickly ducked his head back behind the wall of the house.

the arrows had stopped flying, harald poked his head back out and looked at the wall again this time, the dust had cleared.

there, harald had seen them.

they stood there, green skinned, large eared, holding crude weapons in their hands, wearing poorly built armor, or simply loin cloths.

these were the goblins, the vile monsters had lunched an attack.

harald ducked his head back behind the wall of the house, he knew that he couldn't fight them off alone, he didn't even have a weapon.

harald closed his eyes, tryed to place himself out of the situation, he was frozen with fear, his freind becky was completely out of sight, the gurads were nowhere to be seen, and at his back was an army of goblins, only 3 houses down.

harald heard the sound of metal clanking on te ground, like footsteps in metal boots, harald thought it to be thhe goblins, but then it hit harald, all the goblins were barefoot.

harald opened his eys, and there, accross from him, standing the bottom of the hill, they stood, in their shining silver armor, some holding swords and shields, others were in the far back, holding rifles.

they, were the dwarven gurad.

mort, the general of the east region of the dwarven empire, was standing in front of them, a scabbard with a sword in it around his waist.

he pulled the sword from his scabbard and held it in the air.

"now!" he shouted "defend the kingdom! defend the village!"

the dwarves charged toward the goblins, harald moved his head towards the goblins, they were charging at the dwarves aswell.

arrows were flying from the side of the goblins, while bullets from the rifles were flying from the dwarves side.

the goblins were at a dis-advantage. their armor was ethier highly exposing or non-existent, their weapons were crudely forgered, and broke against the dwarves armor. their arrows were prone to missing, and when they were able to hit a dwarf they would break on contact with the dwarven sheilds.

the dwarves, however, were at fantastic advantage, their armor was greatly built and was able to withstand the goblins attacks, even cause the goblins weapons to break. their weapons were masterly creafted, slicing thru the goblins flesh with ease, and their riflemen were highly skilled, almost never missing, and they easily ripped thru the goblin.

harald watched the two armies battle, peaking his head past the building, he the dwarves smash in the goblins head with their sheilds, he saw the dwarven musket balls rip thru the goblins flesh, and even thru their entire bodies.

he watched as the goblins failed missrebly as they attempted to harm the dwarves, as their weapons and arrows broke, as the dwarves knock the goblin scum to the ground with their sheilds.

it look as thought the dwarves had the battle in the palm of their stubby hands, but fate would have other plans.


a large explosion rock the war feild, several dwarves were knocked into the air.

the dust had cleared, the explosion had burned the ground around it.

standing there, in the middle of the scorched ground, a goblin, in what appeared to be fine crafted black armor, holding a sword in one hand, and nothing else.

this was not just any goblin, his eyes were blood red, his armor had the seal of the goblin empire on its back, he was an extra vile, his was more full of hate.

he was the goblin warchief.

sevral dwarven gurads backed away from him, knowing of the monsters power.

the riflemen fired at the beast, hoping that the the massive amount bullets would be too much for him to dodge.

the goblin rasied finger, and the bullets had frozen in the air.

"hmm" said the goblin, as he smirked. "cute, but it'll never work."

the goblin snapped his fingers, and and the bullets reversed.

the bullets hit several of the riflemen, killing them on contact, but some maneged to dodge them, the goblin turned away from them.

"i have no intrest in you grunts." said the goblin.

the goblin turned towards the house facing away.

his empty hand began to glow black, the goblin rose his blackened hand and snaped his fingers.

the house was ingulfed in flames, the house burned down to the ground, a thick black cloud of smoke appeared from it.

as it vanished, a gnome, wearing a white beard, with a white robe, was seen jumping out of the smoke, falling, it was mayor whitebeard, he had survied the bombing.

whitebeard stood up and looked at the goblin, with anger in his eyes.

"fraggletooth" said whitebeard.

fraggletooth ran up to white beard and knocked him down, and held his sword to his chin.

"now..." said fraggletooth "if you surrender your pathedic village to the goblin empire, i'll let you run away free, unharmered."

"i'd rather die then see you suceed" said white beard.

fraggletooth picked up whitebeard by the neck, holding his blade closer to his neck.

"haha." said whitebeard.

"whats so funny?" asked fraggletooth, sounding angry.

"you're gonna die before you please your master."

fraggletooth threw whitebeard to the ground and planted his foot on his chest.

fraggletooth, with both hands griping the swords handle, rose his sword up in the air.

harald looked away, tears in his eyes, he knew that whitebeard would die by the hand of this monster, whitebeard led a legacy starting from when harald was a boy as one of the most kind and caring leaders to live, and it would all be ended by this horrible monster.

harald heard the sound of metal clanking aganist dirt, he knew what had happened.

he opened his eyes and looked over to fraggletooth, holding the severed head of whitebeard by his beard.

"heh" said fraggletooth, as he he lifted the severed head to his face, "just like any pack of stupid animals, when the leader dies, they all fall apart."

fraggletooth lowered the head back down from his face, and went towards the dwarves and goblins still fighting.

he rose the head in the air above his head.

"HALT!" he shouted.

the goblins and dwarves looked over to fraggle tooth, as the dwaves watched in horror as their beloved leader had a part of his head swung around, as the goblins watch in thrill, with happiness on their faces.

a firestorm of hatred hit harald, and hard, he saw as gurads of his kingdom died, as a mayor of his childhhod home was beheaded, and now, he thought he had witnessed the end of his village.

but harald had no intention of leaving the place of his birth so easily, bellow him was a blade, sitting at his feet, dropped by a gurad, the sun shining off it like some sort of gift from odin.

harald knew now what had to be done, harald grabbed the sword by the handle, and ran towards fraggletooth, whose back was turned.

if harald was not at the heart of the battle, maybe this rage would not have overcome him, maybe he would have only left his home in mild deppression and tryed to live a new life in a new village, maybe he would have shugged it off and gladly changed homes, maybe he would have even moved out of the entire dwarven kingdom.

but not now, harald had seen what could have been the death of his home in front of him, harald saw the death of the greatest leader his village ever knew die, and the only way to save it was sitting before him.

"i, fraggletooth higginstein declare th-"

fraggletooth felt a sharp pain, a grinding awful pain rip thru the back of his neck, he slowly moved his pupils down, and there, was a large, sharp blade sticking out of his neck, covered in his own blood.

harald had done it, he had slain the monster where he stood.

harald pulled his sword of fraggletooth's neck, the goblins watched in horror as they droped their weapons, while the dwaves watched in total confusion.

fraggletooth droped to his knees, blood spilling on to the the ground, making the snow red.

fraggletooth fell to the ground, his face landing into a pool of bloody snow.

mort, hit by the erailer explosion, with one of his arms exposed and hanging limp off of him, covered in brusies, stood up and looked at the bloody corpse of fraggletooth, and harald, standing over him with a blood covered sword.

mort turned his head over to the remaining fighters, as the goblins were droping their weapons, mort knew what had happened.

the pain from the explosion wounds were not enough to break the pride mort felt at this momment.


the dwarves turned their heads back to the unarmed Goblins, and attacked them.

some of the goblins were slashed in half, others had the blades stabbed thru their chests.

the goblins fell like flys, dieing quickly, some trying to run, some trying to pick up their weapons.

the rage had drifted away from Harald, as he watched the goblins all, as he saw the blood covered body, as he saw his blood covered blade, the shock had hit him hard.

harald fell down backwards aganist the snow, fainting. the shock was far too great for him, but when he would awake, he would be given praise almost equal to that of his father, the gaint slayer.

several hours had passed, Harald had woken up, but had not opened his eyes.

he remembered everything almost photogrpahicly the events that took place, the explosion, the battle, and the death of fraggletooth, by his own hands, and he remembered falling to the snow covered ground.

but he did not feel the ground on his back, the surface he felt was soft and warm, he felt covers on himself, he felt a soft pillow under his head.

but, the bed he was on didn't feel like his, it was too soft, too warm.

harald opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a white room, looking like a room in a hospital.

suddenyly, a dwarf in scrubs holding a clipboard walked thru the door, and looked at harald.

"i see you pulled thru, hero." said the doctor with a smile on his face.

harald sat up and continued to look at the doctor.

the doctor walked up to harald's bed and filped thru the pages on his clipborad.

"alright then" said the doctor, "you had a few brusies, some cuts, one of them was infected but its all cleared up now, you're free to go home"

harald lifted the covers off of himself, planted his feet on the ground, and walked toards the door.

harald placed his hand on the knob, the doctor turned his head towards him.

"oh, by the way" said the doctor "nice job saving the village."

harald opened the door, and walked out, closing it beind him.

harald cupped his hand on his face, covering his eyes.

the event played over and over in his mind, him stabbing fraggletooth, him watching fraggletooth die, him falling to the ground, him seeing the mayor die, it all replayed in harald's mind in still pictures.

harald felt something grip oto his left shoulder, harald moved his hand from his face and opened his eyes.

standing infront of harald, holding his shoulder, gazing at him, was the current dwarven king, charles.

"the goblin you killed was goroth fraggletooth" said charles, making eye contect with harald "he single handedly destroyed 3 human villages and and sold territory and armerments to the forrest trolls, he was one of the wrost and most powerful war crimminals ever to live, no one was ever able to even lay a finger on him until now."

"wow..." said harald as he cracked a half smile "that kinda makes me feel better..."

"i need one more favor" said charles.

"whats?" asked harald

"your father was a famous negotiator right?" asked charles.

"yeah..." said harald, looking confused.

"well, i'm sure he passed something down." said charles.

"w-...what do you mean by that?" asked harld.

"i'll explain later, and let your loved ones know you're okay." said charles as he let go of harald's shoulder.

"aw come on man!" said harald "you can't just leave me hanging like this your highness! i need to know now!"

[end of chapter two]

Posted by homor - April 6th, 2008


it has been one week after the death of thunderbeard and the betrayal of blackscale, ron and mort have speard the word of the king's death thru-out the dwarven empire, concern is mounting in what is left of the dwarven council, fear that the dwarves enemys will take advantage of their leaderless state, a think thank was orginized to address this matter.

a large round table made of gold in a room of gold is seen with sevaral dwarves sitting around it, a large throne is at the very top of the round table with an old looking dwarf sitting in it.

he is griping on to a staff planted on the ground, his beard is so long it is touching the gorund, his eyes are closed, but he seems to be awake.

there is a large castle door behind the throne (and the table if you couldn't figure that out) that is slowly creeking open, once it is completely open gnome in a mordern looking black suit with brown hair and glasses is seen holding on to a large lever that is pulled back.

the gnome lets go of the lever and walks into the room, he takes a seat to the left of the old dwarf in the throne.

"sorry i'm late everyone" said the gnome "i...couldn't figure out how to open the door, i was pushing on it and feeling around for handles for about 20 minutes until i found out what the lever was for, you know we should really label that thing or something."

an armored dwarf sitting next to another armored dwarf stood up and said "We did, ye' just couldn't find it."

"well you should atleast like...put a latern out there or something so i can see it, or a gnomish light bulb or something." said the suited gnome.

the dwarf sat back down with his arms crossed.

the gnome let out a sigh and said "ok, well, its time for role call, i'm going to read names from a clipborad, keep in mind they are in no order. when i call out yours i want you to to say 'here'...and then in parenthesis 'i am rock you like a hurricane'."

the gnome pulled a clipborad up to himself and began to read from it.

"west beacon and and east beacon generals ronald darwin and mortamere roth?" asked the gnome

"here i am" said ron.

"rock ye' like a hurricane" said mort as he uncrossed his arms.

"dwarven gurad captain gor'thok?" asked the gnome.

"here i am, rock you like a whatever" said a half orc sitting across the table from the old dwarf, in a quite moody tone of voice.

"emissary of the elven empire dwanstrider?" asked the gnome

"i'm not saying that" said the elf, sitting to the left hand side of the orc.

"fair enough" said the gnome. "king edward thunderbeard and highlord ronald blackscale?"

the gnome glanced over to their two empty seats.

"just died" said the gnome "so i guess i should really just...write them off as absent."

"the honorable elder dwarve?" asked the gnome.

"her over jeg er" said the old dwarf faintly and slowly "gynge du som en storm"

"and finally the elder dwarf's translaor charles ofendstein?" said the gnome "is me...so, i guess, here i am, rock you like a a thunder storm- err, hurricane."

"well" said charles as he put down the clipborad "on to today's plans"

"okay, first order of today, whos our new king going to be?" asked the charles.

the room was silent, the council members simply sat in their seats with empty looks on their faces, not saying a word, in truth, they did not know who the new leader could be.

"ahem," said charles "we um...we need anyone to..."

the room remanied silent.

"to make any kind of, offer...suggestion, anything really," said charles

"guys?" asked charles, "really, anything? any takers? please guys this...it isn't helping anyone to just...you know, sit there."

mort put both his hands on the table and lifted himself up, scooting his chair back.

"i say we make our new king the elder dwarf." said mort. "he is clearly the most fit, he was one of the original dwarfs, he played a part in building Thor's hammer even."

dwanstrider stood up and scooted his chair back.

"that is exactly why he can't be king" said dawnstrider "he is far too old, its a wonder he hasn't fell face first onto the table and died yet."

"hold your tounge!" shouted mort "do not insult the elder!"

"gentlemen gentlemen," said charles "please, keep it civil, remember, fighting in here is punishable by...chemical castration"

dawnstrider and mort both quickly sat down at their seats and pulled them in, looking nervious, using both their hands to cover their laps.

"not exactly the most ethical rule, but it gets the job done" said charles as he cracked a half smile.

"anyway" said charles "i'm afraid dawnstrider is right, the elder is just far too old for that high of a role."

"although" said charles "i think we could make a general the new-"

"not it!" interupted mort.

"not it!" said ron

"no." said gor'thok "i hate poilitics."

"i could be-" said dwanstrider

"no outsiders, sorry." interupted charles.

"Odin damn it." muttered dawnstrider.

"hey!" said charles "please do not use Odin's name in vain here, please."

"well crap" said charles "i guess, we don't have a-"

"jeg ville like å si et eller annet" fanitly interupted the elder.

"charles" said the elder "du er de fleste erfaring liten gnome jeg ha møtte inne meg livet , du er meget smart , og ha arbeide meget hard."

" jeg ønske du å bli våre Kingston." said the elder.

"w-hat?" said charles "you would...you..oh my, i-...yes!" said charles as his voice began to sound cherrier and happier.

"i would..i would love that!" said charles "b-but, are you sure i'm ready, i mea-"

"shh" said the elder "du er det ettall jeg foretrekker, det er en final."

"oh sweet Odin..." said charles under his breath "...thank you sir. i am honored."

"what?" said gor'thok "whats going on? what did he say that makes you so damn happy?"

"i..." said charles as he bowed hsi head down with smile on his face "i just became king."

darnstrider stood up and scooted away his chair.

"are you joking!?" said dawnstrider "he is a translator for Odin's sake! he knows nothing of what it takes to be a k-

"enough!" shouted mort as he scooted out of his chair "do not insult the choices of the elder! he is a million times as wise as you will ever be! if he says charles is our new leader then i would gladly die in his name!"

"bah, you are a fool" said dawnstrider "this gnome is inexperianced, he is small, weak, and he reaks of jew, and if your elder truly sees him to be fit to even lead so much as a konga line he is a fool aswell!"

"THAT DOES IT!" shouted mort as he pulled out a knife "not only do you dare to insult the elder, you insult my dead jewish grandmother!"

"bring it on!" said dawnstrider as he picked his staff up from the ground "i'm not afraid of a half jew! nor am i afraid of-"

"gentlemen gentlemen!" shouted charles as he picked up a soild gold pot with smoke rising from it "now i have a large pot of acid right here now unless ethier of you wants to become a femal-"

they both droped their weapons and pulled their chairs back up to the table while shouting "sorry!" over and over.

"well" said charles "now that the king situtation is out of the way, lets move on to the matter of the rival kingdoms"

"the goblin city near ours has been getting much more aggressive after the death of our king, recently they sent us a video threatening us, its started to worry me, i fear they are planning an attack one of our villages, this worries me greatly, i'm not sure our men are prepared for a war with those crafty little beasts, do any of you have plans on how to deal this issue?"

"i say we luanch a full out raid on their city on, destroying every little bit of their pathedic crudly bulit city, and slay their king." said mort

"the orcs seem like they would be a bigger problem then those little pests." said gor'thok

"hmm?" said charles "the orcs were driven underground near the human kingdom years ago"

"yes, thanks to your kingdom," said dawnstrider "the elves and the humans really wouldn't have standed a chance without your people's help, on that note i think you can handle goblins."

"thank you for the compliment dwanstrider" said ron "but if it wasn't for general athlas dawnblade the kingdoms would have never united at all."

"wait wait wait" said charles "you're losing me here, orcs being driven underground? athlas? what are you all talking about."

"it figures." said mort "you were just a wee lad back in those days."

mort began to tell the story of the war agianst the orcs

ya' see, it started years and years ago.

the vile mountain giant menneskebeiler, the beast was the general of his own clan of gaints, sperate from the ones on asgard, they came to midgard in search of conquest and power.

but there was a fatal flaw in his plan, his was very smart for a gaint, causing him to notice how stupid and barbaric his men were.

he needed a way to make his men smarter, thats when he saw two barbarian clans fighting.

he saw how smart the humans battle tactics were, whitch is when he came up with his vile plan.

he disguiesed his men as humans, and did the same to himself.

he commanded his men to seduce as many wemon as possible in a nearby human village.

their plan would last an entire generation, many wemon were saduced and ticked into marring the beasts and mate with them, creating giant-human off springs, they named these creatures "orcs"

after the wemon gave birth to these beasts they attempted to set a drift in a river close to the village, but this failed, as the giants had revealed themselfs, slain the wemon and taken the infant orcs back to their base in the mountains.

but menneskebeiler's burtality and greed knew no bounds, not even towards his own men.

that night menneskebeiler slew his own men and cut off half of his left arm.

years later, when the orcs were full grown, he would tell them that the humans were the ones to slay their mothers and fathers out of pure hatred for anything not human and anything that loves anything that wasn't human, sparking a war between the orcs and the humans

the orcs mated with each other and expaned their race all over the world for hundreads of years, but the truly loyal human hating orcs stayed by the side of menneskebeiler.

after generations of breeding an army and stabalizing an entire spcices, the time had finally come to destroy the human kingdom.

one by one, starting with the village where it al began, the orcs slowly took the humans villages, what they didn't take for tertitory they burned to the ground.

the human knights attempted to beat back the orcs, to no avail.

the orcs tactics were far too brilliant for them, a good case would be the battle for avføringen shire.

the human defensive army had a plan to hide in civilian buildings and pounce on the orcs.

the attempt failed, even with the element of suprise the orcs were still too strong for the humans, and after the humans failure, the orcs began to burn down the humans houses during raids and not after.

villages fell one by one, soon entire towns were burned to the ground.

the assualts were beggining to become dangerously close to the human capital, the human kingdom knew that they could not win this war alone.

a citizen of the human capital, athlas dawnblade, was taken by the gurads and sent up to the throne room of the king, the king asked the elf to go to the elven kingdom and plea to them for reinforcements to help beat back the orcs.

the elf gladly agreed, and traveled in a caravan with human knights to the elven kingdom.

the knights informed the elvens that they were messengers of the human empire, the gurads glady allowed the the humans to meet the elven king.

dawnblade pleaed to the king, asking for reinforcements, citing what could happen happen to all the innocent people in the villages and the city.

at first, the king refused, saying that it was none of the elves bissness, but then dawnblade sated that if the elves let the orcs take the human kingdom, the elven king could be next, due to the fact it is so nearby.

the elven king agreed to aid the humans, but only if the humans would engage in trade with them.

dawnblade said he couldn't promise anything, but he would do what he could to convince the king to engage in trade.

the elves agreed to help.

the elf king sent a bird holding a note in its claws to the king, stating the elfs would luanch an attack on the orc controled areas in 3, the human king sent a latter back stating that he would attack the orc villages from the other side.

with te orc villages being attacked at two fronts the orcs were at a strong disadventage, but they still had enough power to hold them off.

dawnblade knew this, but dwanblade had an extra plan, two armys is an adventage, but three is overkill.

he and the caravan headed thru the human kingdom down to the snowy land of the of the dwarven empire.

the dwarves responed to the human messengers with much less joy, but were still more then happy to allow them to meet their king.

the dwarven king was more then happy to fight off the spawn of the giants (the humans were aware for very long how the orcs were born) and agreed quickly to lend support in the attack.

but dawnblade was met with an even more pleasent suprise.

the gnomes agreed to lend support to the attack as well, as their two kingdoms were intertwined.

the caravan went back to the human city and informed them of their extra allies, and infromed them they had to engage in trade with the elfs.

the king was thrilled to be doing trade with another kingdom and agreed to it quickly. but he was even more thrilled that his elven freind had gotten the support of the dwarves.

the next day the attacked was luanched (keep all the traveling in mind).

the attack was huge and went on accross the entire human kingdom.

the dwarves and gnomes suprised everyone with their amazing war weapons, such as tanks and rifles, these weapons turned the tide of war greatly in the favor of the humans.

the battle would rage on for two days, thousand of orcs and members of the human alliance were killed, but the very end of day two, the last village had been taken back from the vile orcs.

the orcs, broken and defeated, retreated back to their main encampment.

but dawnblade knew that they could return.

dawnblade went to the human king after the large scale battle and suggested that they luanch a final attack and killed the vicious giant leading orcish army.

the king agreed, but asked for a favour.

the king gave dawnblade his fathers blade, and asked him to lead the attack, legend has it the blade was originaly made for Thor, but the dwarves gave it away to a peasent family when they discovered the gods asked for a hammer, and thsnks to that sword the peasent family became royal, and the sword was passed down from generation to generation.

dawnblade was so honored a tear ran down his eye, he said nothing but 'yes!' and lead the attack.

dawnblade rallied up the dwarves, the gnomes, the elves, and the humans and traveled up the fiery mountains near the human kingdom.

when they arrived at the orcish base, the gurads bowed their heads before them, and opened gates, the gurads were left unharmed, when dawnblade and his men passed thru, one of the gurad looked over to dawnblade and said "gut the lying tyrant for me, mr.none human."

it was then dawnblade knew, the orcs had been lied to by the giant, that they were told the humans viewed them as abominations, and that they tricked into battleing the humans.

there are many interpretations of what happened next, some say a large scale battle broke out between the orcs and the allied races and that menneskebeiler was killed in the large battle.

others say the orcs were being treated as slaves, mining into the giant mountain to expand it, that they did not help with battle and the giant took on the entire army by himself, exantualy only to die by giving in to his own wounds.

but the most highly beileved interpretation is that te giant was sitting on a throne, whipping at the orcs while they were minning for their failure, when dawnblade threw his sword at the giant.

legend has it the giant held up his sheild to protect himself, looking like he didn't care at all, but the sword broke thru his sheild, suprising him, then it cut thru his arm, and then, to end it all, cutting his head in two. killing him.

what happened after wards is highly agreed upon, the orcs were allowed to leave so long as they left the mountain and from now on, lived under the surface.

there are orc clans all over the world, but none of them had such hatred for humans as they did.

when dawnblade and his men returned, a large celebration was thrown thru out the kingdoms.

dawnblade would later move away to a smalldwarven village, no one knows what became of him, some say he died, others say he lives a normal life now, but no story has ever been confirmed.

all that as been confirmed, is that dawnblade will forever be a hero.

mort then scooted his chair back and said "Well, that was a really long story, i have to go to the bathroom."

mort got up and walked out of the room.

five minutes passed when he had returned.

"you've been gone awhile." said dawnstrider.

"i'm sorry to keep the rest of you waiting." said mort "i was holding it in all meeting long and the time it took to tell the story pushed it over the edge."

"it, quite alright mortamere" said charles "the only thing i don't understand is this: why do you see the orcs as a threat if they were banished underground twenty or so years ago?"

"well" said gor'thok "i was rasied in the underground city of the orcs, it never seemed suspicious until a new warchief was elected, something about him..bothers me. like hes planning something, or working with someone..."

"i have a question" said ron

"the orc city was built a year before i was born." replied gor'thok.

"ok" said ron.

"well then" said charles "What do you purpose we do?"

"well" said gor'thok " i purpose we luanch an expedition into the orc lands to keep a close watch on them, see if they are doing anything that could harm security."

"what if they are?" asked charles "what do we do then? without dawnblade i don't think our men could fight aganist them very well."

gor'thok sat there silent for about 15 seconds.

"go get dawnblade" said gor'thok.

"okay then" said charles "whe'll talk to him in the morning, anything else for the day?"

they all sat there silent until mort said "no".

"okay" said charles "meeting over. see you gents next meeting."

everyone but the elder got up from thier seats and walked out.

once everyone left, the elder picked up a flask from under his throne, un capped it, and began to drink from it.

"heh heh" said the elder, in a stronger, younger sounding voice as he stopped drinking from the flask. "dumbasses still think i don't speak english...wait, isn't this norway?"

*the next day*

there is an elf laying down on a couch sleeping in what appears to be a normal looking house, he is wearing a light green shirt and blue geans.

he is sleeping while a small, elven looking boy, the size of a full grown gnome with hair down to his shoulders is playing with blocks on a mat, the sound of siziling is heard from the kitchen, as if something is being cooked.

a knock is heard on te door.

"hello? dawnblade? its mort!" said the visitor.

the elf got up from the couch and opened the door.

"mort?" sad dawnblade "is that you? how long has it been?"

"ohh" said mort "its been abit."

mort looked over at the elven toddler.

"oh ho!" said mort "i can see you've been busy"

"haha" said the dawnblade "yeah, i guess i have"

"so how old is he?" asked mort.

"about eight" said dawnblade.

"wait a second" said mort "he looks six."

"well" said dawnblade, sounding a little nervous "theres a very good reason for that"

a gnome with long green hair poked her head out of the kitchen.

"everything okay honey?" asked the women.

"yes dear" said dawnblade "i'm just talking to an old army buddy, you remember mort right?"

"oh yeah" said the gnome "hello again mort!"

the gnome went back into the kitchen and countinued cooking.

mort stood there with his jaw hanging open. looking at dawnblade.

"mort you remember private eliza right?" said dawnblade.

"yes" said mort "but i don't remember you MATING with her! shes a gnome for Odin's sake!"

"no comment" said dawnblade, "anyway, was there something you wanted to ask me?"

"oh yes" said mort "you're needed...and maybe eliza too..."

"what?" said dawnblade "what in the name of bargi are you talking about?"

"we think the orcs are are planning somthing" said mort "we're going to set up a camp near their city to keep watch on them, if they try anything we need you to help uss handle the situtation."

"thats moronic!" said dawnblade, angry "you want me to abandaon the life i have here, my wife, my child, to battle an enemy we've made peace with 24 years ago?"

"thats not what i'm saying!" said mort

"then what are you saying?" said dawnblade

"all we want is too keep watch on them for a little while." said mort "we're going to do it with or wihout you, and if you don't help us and they destroy the expedition, they're going to take it to the civilians, that means YOU, and your family."

dawnblade bowed his head down and lte out a sigh.

"alright" said dawnblade "but if they're aren't doing anything soon i'm leaving right away."

"fair enough" said mort "the caravan leaves for mount menneskebeiler in the morning."

"you know that means human lover in norwegian" said dawnblade

"whats norwegian for gnome lover?" said mort

dawnblade rose his middle finger at mort and closed the door.

"haha" said mort "dawnblade always had quite the temper."

*the next the day, 50 miles from the boder of the human lands.*

the wind is blowing colder and harder then ever, thousand of horses and wagons are seen in a mountain pass.

dwarven, human, and elven soldiers are surounding the horses, and the wagons, the wagons and soldiers can be seen 50 miles accross the pass, enough to fill the entire pass.

an elf is seen walking towards the very back of the large caravan, a gnome women in armor is holdin his hand while he carrys what looks to be his his son on his shoulder.

they approach a half orc leaning on the wall of the mountian pass with his arms crossed near a golden diamond encrested wagon.

the elf sits his child down near the orc and kneels down to talk to his child.

"okay son," said dawnblade "this is as far as they'll let me take you."

"daddy?" said the boy "where are you and all these people going?"

"we're going on a trip son" said dawnblade "its a really really important bissnuess trip that only grown ups are allowed on, and it may take a really really long time."

"is it that the thing with the orcs?" asked the boy.

"...yes...it is harald." said dawnblade.

the boy hugged his father.

"please don't let the orcs kill you daddy." said harald.

"son" said dawnblade as hugged his "the orcs would be lucky to so much get near my spit alive, let alone kill me, don't worry."

the two let go of each other and dawnblade stood up.

"don't let them hurt mommy ethier daddy." said the boy.

"don't worry" said dawnblade "i'll make sure no one hurts mommy ethier."

the boys mother hugged the boy and kissed him on the head.

"were going to be just fine sweetie" said the boys gnome mother.

his mother let him go and went in the golden wagon.

the half orc walked up to the elf and his son.

"were heading off in 5 minutes, so say the rrest of your goodbyes and go off." said what appears to be gor'thok.

"son, this orc here is gor'thok" said dawnblade "he has worked very hard to get where his is right now."

"you mean standing right next to you?" said the boy.

"no i mean..." said dawn blade "oh, it doesen't matter."

"he's going to be your guradian while me and mommy are away, be a good boy for him." said dawnblade.

dawnblade went into the wagon, the man in the very front of the 50 mile long mountain pass blew on a giant horn, the horn was loud enough to be heard from the nearby villages.

when the horn was blown the caravan started moving, thouands of troops, wagons, and horses started moving.

it was the biggest caravan in dwarven his history, the just stood there, by the orc, waving goodbye to the golden wagon until it was out of sight.

the half orc lifted the the boy up on his shoulder and walked towards his village in the setting sun.

"hey mr.thok?" said harald

"yes?" said gor'thok

"do you think i'll ever be as great of a hero as my daddy is?" asked harald.

"no son." said gor'thok "i think you're going to be even greater."

[end of chapter one]