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Absolutely adorable :)

It's important to keep your body toned and firm :)

now imagine her killing hundreds of people with this lol

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The save system is totally bugged. I don't know if this is a specific issue with my browser or what, but when I come back to the game after a while, it resets to a point at the beginning when I reached level 3. The game is unfinishable in this state unless I play it all in one sitting. Again, I don't know if this is just an issue on my end, but it really hurts an otherwise fantastic classic NG game.

Thanks to Newgrounds player, I can finally once again watch a barely legal catgirl get fucked by a horse in HD.

Yep. I guess I've made the right decisions in life.

Very impressive use of simple technology and sound mixing.

Why is the game narrated by Postal Dude? Well, why not?

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This is the best one you've made so far, and that's saying a lot.

Holy shit, the eerie vibe of it. Fucking chills.

This is probably your best work, and that's certainly saying a lot.

woah woah woah hold on here

what was the bad guy's name from Tron?

what was i gonna say?

oh yeah, what the fuck is this?

life responds:


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I absolutely LOVE the effect you used for the steam. I can almost feel it myself. The tiny towel barely covering her body gets me real excited, too. An overall fantastic pic.

Good lord, her bikini is wonderfully tiny. It's practically dental floss! The way it hugs her curves is enthralling. Terrific pic.

I love the colors on this piece, it looks so smooth and pleasant. You really did a great job!

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