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Jerry, we missed you in these trying times. It feels like forever. Bless you and everything you do for us here on the internet!

It's been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh seaweed...

Wonderful that you've come back after so long.

my only issue...

why did you have to speed it up in the middle? completely unfair, i think mine was in there.

other than that, good flash, very funny, some very nice pictures.

still, its just a slide show and will always be such, thats not a bad thing, but compared to the stuff that usally gets front page (including Metal gear funnies guys!) it falls short.

still, its awesome to see your drawing in a flash by time.


haha, just joshin'.


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The save system is totally bugged. I don't know if this is a specific issue with my browser or what, but when I come back to the game after a while, it resets to a point at the beginning when I reached level 3. The game is unfinishable in this state unless I play it all in one sitting. Again, I don't know if this is just an issue on my end, but it really hurts an otherwise fantastic classic NG game.

Very impressive use of simple technology and sound mixing.

Why is the game narrated by Postal Dude? Well, why not?

This game hasn't aged well. The controls are unresponsive and floaty, feeling like they only work about half the time. The bad guys soak up way too much damage. I like the idea of the enemies having a pattern you have to learn and exploit, but here it just feels like it slows everything down. Every encounter feels like a boss fight, and not in a good way.

I like the fight with the Pizza Guy, but that was about the only good boss fight. Then again, I beat Giko and the Nerd Guy by exploiting the game. That's another thing, the auto-targeting system is very finicky and won't work if you're already firing, and enemies seem to either hit you perfect or be completely oblivious to your location even when you're standing right there. I end up beating the nerdo bosses by just rolling and shooting in ways that the AI didn't seem to be prepared for, like past a shield or into a wall over and over.

When you're playing a run-and-gun game, you want the combat to feel fluid, fast and satisfying. Think of Contra or Megaman, those games were challenging but they moved fast and most enemies only took about one or two hits. Every encounter here lasts for far too long and by the end you just feel exhausted.

The story, art and character design was really nice, though. I always like it when people explore Pico a a character and let us delve into his little world with all his classmates and friends. Too bad the ending was an ancient meme. Would've been a great time for a character moment between Pico and Nene or Darnell, or maybe some OC made up just for the game.

Overall, some flash games stand the test of time quite well. This doesn't.

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This is the best one you've made so far, and that's saying a lot.

Holy shit, the eerie vibe of it. Fucking chills.

This is probably your best work, and that's certainly saying a lot.

woah woah woah hold on here

what was the bad guy's name from Tron?

what was i gonna say?

oh yeah, what the fuck is this?

life responds:


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I absolutely love her face. She looks cute older.

Absolute chad, securing best girl.

These are some extremely visually pleasing Pico designs. Well done!

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