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Posted by homor - January 31st, 2010

Chapter Two:
Doc Strange Battles Hitler!

the Bunker lights flicker on and off as the sound of explosions, gunfire and the Marching feet of Hitler's Devilish forces is heard from above.

Adolf Hitler, histories GREATEST MONSTER paces back and forth across the floor of the makeshift Laboratory, a cigar in his mouth as his sweat drops from his wicked brow like a heavy rainstorm on a cold german night.

across from him is a Nazi scientist standing over a table, mixing several chemicals.

"VHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG, YOU DAMNED FOOL?!" shout Hitler, rubbing his claw like hands together nervously, knowing the end is nigh.

"I-i'm sorry lord Hitler!" says the Scientist as he turns toward Hitler with a Vial of some strange type of red Liquid in his hand. "I was able to distillate the Sun Atoms, b-but it's still untested! we don't really know WHAT the effects could be!"

Hitler grabs the Vial out of the Scientist's hand and backhands him across the face.

"you don't GET it do you? we don't NEED to test it!" shouted Hitler "it was made using MY instructions, i was the one who based it off Doc Strange's original Formula! he and his partner gained their powers THIS ver formula! and if it worked for them we know it's safe!"

"but mein Lord! what if you were...i-in-correct?"

Hitler smacked the Scientist Brutally to the ground.


Hitler, driven by the pure, unfiltered fury of his own Ego, drank the entire vial in a single sip, not even considering the consequences.

just than, Hitler's body began to change, his pale Aryan skin turned a dark Red, hes muscles expanded rapidly to impossible proportions, his chapped and disgusting feet slowly grew into hooves, his dirty, unwashed Finger nails became vile and unkempt claws, and Black Spines grew out of his back.

Hitler had become a monster resembling the devil himself.

just that moment, a loud crashing sound was heard from the roof of the Bunker.

the monster that was now Hitler came bolting out of the make-shift lab, hearing the sounds of Guards firing their guns and being smacked to the ground, the sound of walls cracking and breaking into rubble.

indeed, for in the next Room in Hitler's immpressive Hate-filled Bunker were the Incredible team of Doc Strange and Mike!

Doc and Mike were swatting away German Soldiers like flies, a flurry of bullets were sprayed all over the area, but seeing as the power of ALOSUN grants Invulnerability to Bullets, this did not do much.

a Nazi Soldier pulled a Knife of his hand and came running towards the Pair, but a single swift punch from Mike sent him flying across the room.

"holy socks Doc! these guys are way too easy!" said Mike.

"don't get cocky old chum!" replied Doc while deflecting a bullet with his forearm. "Fighting Yank, The American Crusader, Captain Future, and Black Terror got just as close as we did, and Hitler still managed to escape!"

just than, the door to the main room came flying open!

to the shock of Doc and Mike, itler had become a horrifying monster with leather-like skin.

"what in the name of--?!" shouted Doc.

Hitler let out a wicked laugh.

"Doc Hugo Strange!" said Hitler. "you thought you were the only one with super

powers, didn't you?"

"b-but how's that even POSSIBLE?!" questioned a frightened Mike.

"through the Reich, anything is possible!" gloated Hitler. "my greatest Scientists were able to create a perfect replication of Alosun, the Formula that gave Doc Strange his powers!"

"no! that's impossible!" shouted Doc. "if you created a perfect replication of my formula, you wouldn't be a mutant freak right now!

"FOOL!" shouted hitler. "you think you're better than THE MIGHTY HITLER?! I SHALL END YOU!"

Hitler lunged towards Doc and Mike with furious bloodlust in his eyes, thinking quickly, Doc and Mike seperated causing Hitler to smack his face into the wall, Hitler's head breaking a large hole in it.

Hitler slowly crawled his way back up, and turned his head back to Doc and Mike, grinding his teeth in frustration.

"look's like he got back up!" said Mike.

"than let's give me a reason to stay down." said Doc.

Doc and Mike flew towards Hitler, when suddenly, Hitler jumped up in the air, falling down quickly and stomping Doc and Mike to the Ground, breaking the floor

below Doc and Mike to Pieces.

Hitler picked up the Duo by their necks, girpping tightly as to cause them the maximum amount of pain possible.

Hitler tossed Mike all the way across the room, slamming him into the wall and creating a large hole in it.

"M- Mike!" Said Doc in a state of confused pain.

"do not worry about your little Friend, Doctor, for you're the next to join him in the afterlife." said Hitler as he glared into Doc's eyes.

Doc, angered by Hitler's taunting, Donkey kicked Hitler in the gut, sending them both to the ground.

Doc quickly got up and attempted to Hit Hitler with ihs Elbow, Hitler quickly rolled out of the way, as Doc fell Elbow first into the ground.

Hitler stomped on Doc's back multiple times before picking Doc up by the back of his Shirt and spun him around 3 times before throwing him into the center of the room.

Doc quickly got up, and attempted to punch Hitler in the face, failing to force a movement from it.

Doc Strange punched Hitler in the Chest and Gut multiple times, but to no avail,

as the only thing that happened was Doc's hands became red and swollen.

"b-...by god! he's--" said Doc, interupted by Hitler.

"Invulnerable? yes Doc, just like you." said Hitler. "but UNLIKE you, i'm able to actually hurt you, where as YOU can't hurt ME."

Hitler proceeded to Smack Doc to the ground, and began stomping on him, causing Doc an intense amount of pain.

the super speed granted from the Alosun Hitler drank allowed Hitler to stomp on Doc about 42 times a second, Doc sreamed out in intense pain.

Mike slowly crawled out of the hole Hitler had knocked him into, and saw Hitler super-Curb Stomping his mentor.

"Don't worry Doc!" shouted Mike. "i'm coming to help.

Mike flew towards Hitler, and with his Super Speed propelling him, smack Hitler in the face, knocking him back and causing two of his teeth to fly out.

Hitler wiped the blood from his lower lip as Mike flew towards him, ready to hit him yet again.

Hitler grabbed Mike's fist and violently crushed in his hand, Mike screamed out in pain as Hitler grabbed him by the neck, his fist still in his other hand.

Mike was gasping for air as Hitler glared into Mike's eyes.

"that actually HURT." shouted Hitler, in utter disbelief.


Hitler let go of Mike's fist and put his free hand on Mike's head, Hitler bent Mike's head back as hard as he possibly could.

there was a snap, and Mike's body went Limp.

Doc slowly set lifted himself back up, and saw the worst sight of life, Hitler holding Mike's limp body in his hands.

he through Mike Down to the ground in front of Doc, Doc quickly ran up to Mike's body and felt his his pulse.

there was nothing.

Mike, Doc's beloved Sidekick, had been killed by Hitler.

a single tear ran down Doc's eye as his jaw was gapped wide open, kneeling there, his hands shaking in completely despair.

Hitler smiled smuggly. "Pathetic, simply Pathetic." said Hitler as he rolled his

eyes. "you Americans are so frail, so weak, so...full of pathos."

Doc clenched his teeth in anger as he glared at Hitler, tears running down his face.

"the second one of your Allies die you fall to your knees and cry, whereas we Germans simply continue. the fact that you even made it this far is a wonder, we are like a Mighty self repiaring machine, every time we lose a cog we simply build ten more. you however? you're like a rusted Child's red wagon, once a single bolt falls out, you're completely destroyed.

it would be sad if it weren't so amusing."

Doc stumbled back up on to his feet, shaking. Doc wiped the tears away from his eyes.

"...you want a machine, Mr. Fuhrer?"

Hitler raised an eyebrow.

Doc flew towards Hitler, raising a fist in the air and screaming.

"oh how cute, you think you can hurt me?" said Hitler, as he swung his Fist Towards Doc Strange.

their Fists collided, and Hitler's entire Fore-Arm exploded into Giblets.

the shock of Doc's greif guided blow knocked Hitler to the ground, as he withered in pain.

"i'm sure that when the fires of hell take you, they'll have plenty of machines, Hitler."

Doc grabbed Hitler by the Underarms and flew up through the Roof of the Bunker, through the roof of the Citidel the Bunker was built under, and high, high up into the sky.

than, with a strong force and Hitler in his arms, Doc Strange flew Downward, Hitler struggled for control from Doc, but before he could break free, they crashed down through the Citidel, and into the cold, hard, ground.

a great explosion bursted forth from the 500-mile body slam Doc Strange had given Hitler, turning the once tall and menacing Citidel to a smoking crater.

Doc Strange had done it, he had done what no other Hero ever could before him,
he had killed Hitler.

the word was sent through on the Military Radio, and one by one, with little to no hesitation, the remaining Military forces surrendered.

it was over, the war had finally ended.

---10 Years Later---
Shoreside City Graveyard, 1955

the Air is thick with the quiet, subtle feeling of Grief, the atmosphere is silent, filled with only the sounds of peace.

it is here we see Doc Strange, clad in a black overcoat and Fedora hat, standing next to him is a man wearing a black suit and glasses, his name is Bruce Carter, better known as the Fighting Yank.

they stand over a grave decorated with Flowers and a small, plastic American Flag, the Headstone had the name "Mike Strange" written on it.

Doc Strange's head was as low as it could possibly be, barely holding back tears.

his friend and long time Partner, Bruce Carter, stood next to him, his hands in his pockets.

there was a thick, painful air of Awkward tension between the two, making even the attempt to speak a single word an astonishingly difficult task.

finally, Bruce was able to speak.

"so, Doc..." Bruce Struggled to find the right words. "it's been about 20 minutes now..."

"i know Bruce, it's just..." said Doc, struggling aswell.

"no, i understand, your partner died and--"

"it's not just that." Doc Interupted. "Mike's death is a massive burden on me, but it isn't the only one."

"ever since the war ended, i feel like my purpose has virtually vanished." said Doc. "My Sidekick is gone, so i have no one to continue my legacy, with Hitler and the Nazi army gone the world isn't nearly in as much Danger as it used to be."

"i know exactly how you feel, Doc." replied Bruce. "it feels like the 50's have no more need for Superheroes, our Golden Age is over."

"well, i know i plan to do." said Doc.

Bruce raised an Eyebrow.

"I've decieded i'm going to Outer Space." Doc said, a great determenation in his voice.

"wh- what?! how can you--" Bruce said, Interupted by Doc.

"thanks to Alosun i am able to breath in Space and Resist the massive amounts of Radiation, I'll be fine."

"but, what are you going to do there? why space?"

"because, Bruce, this planet may have no need for us, but i'm sure that somewhere out there is a Planet with life on it that has a menance just as bad, if not worse than the Third Reich. i intend to make that different."

Bruce stood there, in a stunned silence.

"wh-...when can we expect you back?" said Carter.

"i'm not sure, a year, two years tops, whenever the Earth really needs me." replied Doc.

"I'll swing by my appartment and get my things before i head off, you've been a great partner, and even better friend, Bruce."

Doc turned away from Bruce, and he proceeded to fly away.

Doc was completely correct, the world as he knew it no longer had a need for Superheroes. however, little did he know that in his absence, the world as he knew it would completely vanish.

[to be Continued...]

based on the Classic Public Domain Works of Nedor comics, to learn more about Doc Strange's original Adventures, and the Adventures of Other PD Superheroes, please Visit: The Public Domain Superheroes Wiki.

Posted by homor - January 22nd, 2010

Berlin, 1945:

the air is thick with the smell of gunpowder and explosive residue, the sound of gun fire, explosions and death can be heard in the far off distance.

American Planes fly over the monstorus homeland of the Nazi Menance like the Cavalry of Angels over the fires of hell.

American tanks and Soldiers patrol the streets of the Nazi Stronghold, the eye of the Demonic Nazi storm.

we turn attention our attention to 3 American Officers held up in a single fox hole, surrounded by a Platoon of the most horrifying Sub-human Monsters anyone could ever Conceive, Nazi Soldiers! given support by 3 Panzer Tanks fueled by pure Nazi hatred!

"Great Scott!" says one of the American Soldiers, "we're completely surrounded! there's no way out!"

the Officer leading the Platoon cackled maddly like a Hyena, a NAZI hyena.

"these pathetic Americans are no match for THE FINEST OF HITLER'S ELITE WHITE TEMPLARS!" the Nazi Officer said, his voice like the scrape of the rusty knife of Injustice across the Blackboard of American Values! "When we bring these high ranking American Soldiers to Master Adolf, he will reward us greatly!"

but luckily for the Boys in Blue, fate has other plans!

as the Nazi monsters circle in on the American Defenders, one of the Panzer Tanks is suddenly launched in the air!

the Devilish Nazi War Machine is launched 50ft in the air! before the Nazi Dogs have time to react, it quickly comes crashing down to earth, exploding into fiery shrapnel and raining death upon the nazis, killing twenty of them.

as the Nazis tumble around in shock, another explosion erupts! sending another twenty Nazi Beasts flying!

with only ten Nazi Soldiers left the Nazis turn to panic!they run around in horror, screaming with the little command or Discipline you would expect from Hitler's vile army of hate.

"Quickly you incompetent Buffoons!" shouted the Officer, his hands trembling barely escaping shell shock as the the Battlefield erupts and explodes around him. "get to the tanks! we'll have ssafe cover there!"

as always, the Nazi Officer could not be more wrong! for as the Nazi Cowards shuffle towards the tanks, they explode in an inferno of Death!

all that Remains of the Nazi Platoon is the Nazi officer, once proud commander of one of Hitler's proudest task force, now mearly a lone, trembling Nazi.


"YOU call ME a coward?" said a voice somewhere in the distance.

the Nazi Officer, shocked, seached around to find where the voice was coming from. sweat rolling off his disgusting Nazi Scalp as he is surrounded by the flames and bloodshed of what was once his Platoon.

"you and your Nazi brothers have tortured innocent simply people because they were different, you bombed our boys at Pearl Habour to inflate your already oversized egos, and you call ME a coward?!" said the mysterious voice, growing angrier.

"who the heck do you think you are?" said yet ANOTHER mystery voice, this one sounding like that of a child.

The Nazi Soldier felt some kind of great pressence behind himself, like two glowing embodiments of everything he and the Nazi army wasn't, with great fear in his heart, and there he saw them!

one figure, a strong adult in a Crimson Shirt, Blue Jeans, and Black Shoes, and the other figure, a small child in an identical outfit wih a green cape.

indeed, he saw them in the flesh and knew the legends were true, there they stood, The Amazing DOC STRANGE and his faithful Ward MIKE!

together, with a mighty, collaborative punch, Doc and Mike knocked off the foul head of the Nazi officer, sending it flying miles and miles away, where it could never hurt anyone again!

the dust settled, the once active battfeild was now a crater, no explosions, no gunfire, just the universal song of silence!

as the 3 American crept out of the Fox hole and looked around them, they began to think to themselves "who was that?" "what just happened?" "what did all this damage".

they all agreed to leave well enough alone and just be glad that whatever happened, it saved there lives as they all began to head back to base.

they would never truly know they were saved by the greatest Superheroes of all time, Doc Stange and his partner Mike!

but that was fine with them, as Doc and Mike had other matters to attend to, as they stood infront of the Demonic Cathedral of hate, they both felt a Strange mixture of fear and anger.

"yikzers zikzers! is this...?" said Mike, the Boy Oddity.

"indeed it is." replied Doc Strange. "this is the housing place of the Ultimate Evil, ADOLF HITLER!"

[To be Continued...]

based on the Classic Public Domain Works of Nedor comics, to learn more about Doc Strange's original Adventures, and the Adventures of Other PD Superheroes, please Visit: The Public Domain Superheroes Wiki.

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it's of Batman.

it sucks but i have a certain fondness for it.

its right down there.

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Jay and Silent Bpb.


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here's a screen grab from Batmna TAS:

MERRY! ...post Christmas...

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wanna feel like Jesus just rocked your face off?

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