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i met an asshole at my local game store!

Posted by homor - August 6th, 2007

so my time card on WoW ran out, i knew gamestop had them in stock, but my local comic shop had them cheaper and i like to help out small time shops.

so i went there and while i was looking for it i saw some guy at the counter talking to the clerk, so i decided to ease drop on it since im the emporer of ease droping.

and they said:

guy: so yeah, is this game good?
clerk: what game is it?
guy: champions of norath
clerk: oh that? its a good game.

i thought nothing of it, but then some one else joined in.

guy2: HE LIES!!1!11!1!1!111!!!
guy: did you play it?
guy2: ummmm...no, but my faveorite reviwer gave a 2.987987975 out of a possible 3.886047689047695
guy: ok, maybe i won't buy it.

so now the clerk looks pissed, and im angry then he ever could be, i walk up there and say

me: don't listen to him, he never played the game, how would he know.
guy: well it didnt sound like a good score
me: listen, he can't tell you if its good or not, i cant tell, and the clerk cant tell, only YOU can decide if a
games good or bad, not a store clerk or some "reviewer" in a bad suit, i would rent it frist and see if

you like, then decided to buy it or not.

guy: ok, i will.

so he rents the game and goes, and then guy2 gives this really mean look, but the clerk gives me this look like im a saint and says" thank you" and it kinda explodes from there when guy2 (now just guy) starts talking

guy(in an oddly deep voice): you ruined my evil plan
me: what?

and then the guy started to transform, like a robot, AND IT WAS MEGATRON!

megatron: you ignorant fool! i was planing to stand here and complain about the products so that no one would ever shop here again! and you ruined it! ah well

and then he pointed his arm cannon at me and said:

megatron: well, if i can't ruin this place, then i can just destroy you and then this place instead.

just when i thouhgt i was done i heard a loud voice i heard before say "ok, i've heard enogth!"

and then another robot crashed thru the ceiling, it was prime!

and then they started tradeing words

megatron: well look what the cat draged in, you should of stayed in the gutter you crawled out of prime!
prime: megatron, messing with the economy of a shitty store? thats a new low even for you.
megatron: well you're too late prime! this store will be destroyed! and so will you!
prime: we'll see about that megatron!

and then they had an epic battle that was too blury too make out becaue that tasteless hack Michael Bay directed it.

and afterall was said and done, megatron was beaten

megatron: ill get you for this prime!
prime: yeah, when Michael Bay makes a movie that doesn't suck!

and then megatron ran off and prime luaghed and went away.

the store was in ruins, the games were in ruins, and everything but the time card in my hand was destroyed, i talked to the clerk

clerk: that was the most fucked up thing ever.
me: you think thats fucked up? megatron once took the disguise of my girlfreind for a few mounths!
clerk: did she put out? HAHAHAH!
me: yes...

and then he stoped luaghing and gave me the kind of look you would give if you took a bite of a taco made of shit, if you didn't have a scat fetish.

me: so how much is this time card?
him: um...you know what? you can go ahead and have it for free.
me: thanks!

and so i walked out of what was left of the store and said "SUCKER! HAHHAHAHAHA!" but then i remebered that i really DID have sex with megatron, and then i started crying.

la fin.

i met an asshole at my local game store!


true story too.