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horid ideas for flash series.

Posted by homor - August 3rd, 2007

these are some ideas i've had in my head for some time now, but am only now releaseing to the public.

-fighting ninja robot penguins in outter pace
in the year 2007 the japenese goverment was building robot penguins for reasons even they arent sure of, soon they found out that the idea was stupid even for them they scraped the whole porject all together and sent the three completed into space.

there are three penguins, two good one evil, the two good penguins want to find a way back to earth, the one evil one wants to destroy it, the two good penguins know this, but they're too peaceful to there own race (and too fucking stupid) to kick him of th ship they all travel in, yet they constantly get into anime fights.

they all travel in a giant space ship they get in the frist episode from a planet of helpful aliens.
along the way in there adventer they go to many alien planets and sometimes other deminions.

the series paraodys many stereotypical anime Clich├ęs aswell, such as

- a search for some kind of magic stone/jewel/shard/shards/crystal/gem/b all.
- over the top fight sences.
- over powered charecters.
- a much lager plot thruout the series that is vauge and unclear.
- and of course, horid voice acting, all the charecters will be ment to sound bad on porpuse like a shitty dub.

and remember: the series will never be serious, even if it seems that way during a fight scene, there will atleast be abit of slapstick comedy.

closeing comments: its a show about ninja robot penguins in space that makes fun of anime, what more could you ask for?

-kyle and bob.
kyle and bob was origanally about a casule gamer named kyle and a overly hardcore gamer named bob, but then i relised there isn't much to do with a video game premise that hasn't been done to death, and most of the time such things go from short of funny to mindless bitching and ranting about games you hate.

so i scraped the origanal idea for a show about any nerdy thing.

kyle is a casuel geek and bob is a hardcore nerd, the show paradys many things in the nerd culture, from star war and star trek to D&D and WoW, nothing is safe, nothing is sacred.

the diffrence between this and all my other ideas is that all my other i deas had something to do with some sort of action, this one is just a pure sitcom.

closeing comments: it's a show about nothing, but geeks.

-liberal man.
the idea for this show came to me when i relized how most super heroes lean to the right, even the hulk sometimes, THE HULK, WHO FIGHTS THE ARMY ON A REGULAR BASIS!

anyway, the show is about a liberal who get all tthe powers of superman, but wants to use them to become the frist liberal superhero ever.

the villians rang form angry rednecks with super weapons to a super powered bill O'Reilly parady.

while republicions are the villians on the show and mocked the show also makes fun of the left, such as one scene where liberal man flys over a feild filled with kids playing with super sokers, and he procedes to bet them all up and take the super sokers away in support of a zero tollerance gun policy.

the show would not always represant my policital stand point, it just be an excuese to make one or two political jokes with super powers.

but while i'd make political jokes alot i'd try to find a common ground between a serious super hero story and a cartoon about political humor.

closing comments: its a show about a super hero whos liberal for a change.

-tom the demon.
well, its a series that mixs action and comendy (again) and is fucking loaded with mythology, its a about a guy named tom who comes from race of humonoind creatures that call themselfs (get ready for this one) the creatures (clever huh?) that all live in a giant floating city, he was droped from it for a cult ritual and was raised by wolfs (well, werewolfs), and he ends up living in the fictional city of akkons (parady of akron.) with two other members of his race.

the full origin is too long for to say here, it's long and complexed as hell.

the show will contain norse mythology, hitler (i shit you not), lincon (im not kidding), minatuars, war, trolls, orcs, elfs, greek mythology, goblins, gnomes, dwarfs, aliens, vikings, necromancers, palidins, zombies,magic, the mafia, other crime gangs, a cute monkey that leads the mafia, curroupt cops, weed, and ninjas.

you think im exagerating don't you? i shit you not, ll of that will be in the show, but not all in one episode, maybe even not for a good amount of episodes, but they all fit somewear.

its also not going to take itself seriously, at all, so don't get worried about that, infact alot of the show is a sitcom that sometimes has serious storys.

oh and also the main villian is a homosexule, really.

maybe im biteing of more then i can chew with this one, and i may just wat tuntil i get good at flash if i ever get it, but im gonna try to fit all of that in somewear, or atleast most or it.

closing comments: it sounds like the best thing ever now, but give it time to come out and you'll hate it.

so thats about it, some of these ideas may get scraped, some may not, ethier way ill try to get flash and then get atleast mediocore at it so i can try to make some of these.

so, you got anything to say about these, do like one of tem, do you hate one of them, do you hate them all, do you think they're all godly?

let me know by leaveing a comment, go ahead and give me construtive critisim so i can ignore/delete because im a jackass who doesn't listen to anybody that doesn't 100% love all of his ideas and work.

/ obvious sarcasm/ burn.

horid ideas for flash series.


Liberal Man needsa liberal theme song.

you just blew my mind zekey.