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Coheed and Cambria- Gravemakers and Gunslingers

Posted by homor - April 28th, 2009

So draw, little piggy
better watch out for number one (I fear there's a bad wind blowing through here!)
you better put up the shutters
cause lord knows i ain't now stoppin til the worst gets alive
little strutter don't you creep out that fuckin rut (it's best that you don't go walking through there!)
now please don't bother knockin
cause god knows I aint now stopping til you breathe none

Hey! what I miss? we're one and the same
just give it the push while I kick-start (there's just no time for this)
come on! it's just the hurt I'm looking for

I don't wanna live no more
you've got the gun, I've got the bullets
dont wanna live no more
oh baby be my lover, go on and pull that trigger

You're the sin of this city, now repent for the wrong you've done
(I'm not sorry for this, not sorry at all)
you're a snake undercover
with no room for another just these bad motherfuckers
leave a long trail of nothing, little bad boy with gun in hand
(It's best that you don't go walking through there)
now please a come boy a poppin
cause god knows I ain't know stopping till you breathe none

Let flood out the weasel's hole (oh christ, will you bury my body)
to choke out all the lies it's told (Oh christ will you bury my body)
with time, hope the hurt gets old (oh christ, will you bury my body)
lets fuck out the weasel's hole (oh christ will you bury my body)

We'll keep marching to the top of this tower
as god isn't at home
there's nothing in the way that could stop us
it's your time to go

/* */
this sounds like a SCI-FI Cowboy song to me for some reason.


I <3 Coheed.