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Another Post About Polls

Posted by homor - May 17th, 2021

If by some off chance you actually follow this blog, you might have seen a previous post I made about a recent problem I had with a friend with a poll involving Tankman. If you aren't caught up on the issue, just go back and read that post for a refresher. The quick version is: in a 53xy83457 character battle poll, Tankman was pitted up against Doom Guy. I initially voted for Doom Guy, but changed my vote to Tankman when my friend told me he really wanted to win. Ultimately, Tankman lost, which made him very sad because he felt like it was a sign that Tankman and Newgrounds were highly underappreciated, and it still upsets him to this day.

Thankfully, however, there's been some really good news on this front. If you're on Newgrounds right now, chances are you know all about Friday Night Funkin'. If by some strange twist of fate you come across this post and you don't, it's a really fun rhythm game featuring cameos from all sorts of different Newgrounds characters, including the boys from Spooky Month, Pico, and as of a recent update, our old pal Tankman! I have no idea why or how Friday Night Funkin' got so extremely popular seemingly overnight, but I'm extremely glad it did. Not only is the game great fun, its also a loving and heartfelt tribute to the entirety of Newgrounds and everything on it!


The Tankman update for FnF was so widely anticipated that, upon release, it crashed the entire site for a whole day, bringing in hundres of thousands of views and new users to the site. This is a sure sign that Newgrounds is highly appreciate, and people understand what makes it and the many characters on it so wonderful. Seeing something I've loved and cared about for years get this kind of attention and praise is really validating.

So, to my friend who felt so bad after Tankman lost the 53xy83457 battle, don't feel so bad. Just because one thing didn't work out the way you wanted doesn't mean people don't love the character. In fact, I think it's fair to say Tankman is now more popular than ever before! With the awesome response from the fandom, and the brand new fans all loving the character and making their own new content, its fair to say the future holds many cool things for Tankman in the future.

Now, with all that said: with Tankman's newfound popularity, maybe it's time for a rematch? 53xy83457, if this post happens to catch your eye, maybe given it some thought ;)